Have been making this many times however the top of my cake always crack ( just like a volcano crater...lol). I just hold the cake layer and carefully slide it in there. Hi Jess I'm back! This was cake was amazing, made it for a birthday. Yes it takes time to make it but final result will be amazing. She is SUPER positive and that didn’t change one bit while going through IVF. Jess, like yourself, I'm into baking and snapping it. It was so hard to find any other recipes which ones are not only for Americans. Hi I used 180g same amount as the butter. https://bakericious.blogspot.com/2012/08/steamed-moist-chocolate-cake.html yes you may omit vanilla extract/ essence3. I don’t want an eggy taste… Or maybe will you give it a try to steam a red velvet cake and share your thoughts to everyone? If it’s just going to be in the fridge for a few hours, it won’t hurt it if you don’t cover it. The cake recipe should be fine as cupcakes, but the mousse would need to be a filling, not a frosting. When it came out the top has cracked, but it is soft. It stabilizes the whipped cream so that it doesn’t wilt. Would that be okay, or does it have to be whole milk? Awesome! If you are from Spore, you can find baking chocolate in supermarket too, hershey or van houten brand. This insanely decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake may taste like a rich dessert indulgence but it’s made from just a few healthy whole-food ingredients right in the blender! .because this color is so perfect . 13. Hope these questions make sense lol. So second time I don't overbeat and I used high heat. This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. Use a skewer or satay stick insert into the cake center, if come out clean means cake is done. Will definitely making this cake again with an adjustment with my level of sweetness . Candied Pecan and Caramel Mini Cakes from Brown Sugar Food Blog. This is definitely a keeper, a cake that I will always come back if I need a yummy and fuss free chocolate cake. So, I would be making it a few hours ahead and it also needs to sustain about an hour’s drive. Remove from the heat and … Hi, I’m afraid I didn’t fold the chocolate and the cream right Bc now my mouse is a little watery.. How can I thicken it back up without ruining it? Hi Lindsay – if I want to add gelatin, what’s the best way to do so? Then how much?4) For the chocolate frosting, there is this 25g of milk. The lovely thing about the cake collar is it allows you to do that without smashing anything. Going to make this for the second time, perfect and beautiful recipe! Occasionally lift the bowl to release steam. Hi Yam, yes the cake did raise up cos of the added baking soda and baking powder. I just lightly beat the eggs until eggwhites and yolks mixed well. Chocolate Hot Fudge Mini Layer Cakes from Averie Cookies Chocolate ganache enrobes 4 cake layers and 3 mousse layers. The game is free to play in any part of the world on any device. I love that you make everything from scratch giving the end result a more quality taste – and more importantly, you know every single ingredient that went into your cake. I have tried using a steamer ( non adjustable temp) for the same 45 mins timing as well as using the wok at medium flame but both resulted in serious crack. 2 were made with real sugar and 1 went to my wife’s office and 1 was for my wife’s daughter and her family. All the success to your baking. Hope you have a wonderful day and stay healthy :)). As for the chocolate, I haven’t tried milk chocolate, but it might end up a little softer consistency. Hi jess! Any gd ways to remove the cake from the tin? So let’s talk a little bit about this cake, shall we? Before layering it. 8. I’m 19 and I’m mostly interested in making no-bake desserts such as cheese cakes and this was my first time actually baking something. Can I change cocoa powdet to those semi sweet chocolate or dark chocolate? You are going to be an amazing mom! Would crushed oreo cookies work? I used to only use auto function from my point and shoot camera to take all my photos. Required fields are marked *. Hi Jess, I like your cake so much that I baked it twice already and added frosting and ganache. The sugar you have used is normal sugar or the powdered sugar?? . Prep Time 3 hrs. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long and yet hard to believe it hasn’t been longer. This cake was awful, but the other two were light and fluffy and moist. Diese bestehen aus Vollmilchschokolade und weißer Schokolade. :)) nice pics! And thanks for the compliment :P. Mich, this cake also fall into my favourite list too :D, Hi JessI love to read your blog. Maybe you know another’s websites where everything is also written in grams? Only thing is mine is not soft and fluffy, it's dense. Hey there. Once the cakes are baked and cooled, it’s time for the chocolate mousse. This is what I would call the last chocolate cake I would ever make. Now make the mousse – melt the chocolate with the sugar, vanilla and 2 tbsp of cream in a bowl, over a pan of simmering water (make sure the bowl isn’t touching the water). It doesn’t get weepy, just be sure to use the full amount of powdered sugar and cocoa listed. gonna try this week. The texture was perfect too. I’ve made this cake 4 times and it is my family’s favorite when it comes to chocolate. The cake was moist and delicious, the whip cream and mousse just as great! I’m guessing around 3 1/2 inches or so. A great cake for summer. 1. Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake - a gorgeous three-layer mousse cake with chocolate, raspberry, and vanilla mousse, all on a chocolate brownie base. Sift the and make frosting for good? I bake for my godson's birthday and he loves it so much, he ate 2 big pieces. Thanks in advance! if is may be due to overmixing.What I always do is pour the ganache start from the center of the cake in spiral direction. Hi I am confused about judge 1 3/4 and 2 1/4 is this one 1 time 3/4 or 1 and 3/4 both include similarly 2 time 1/4 or 2 and 1/4 both include please guide me thank. The whipped cream looks exactly like the mousse? Hi Lindsay, this recipe looks amazing and I’m going to make it for my husband’s birthday who is a chocolate lover! Took me almost 2 days to make due to my medical condition but it was worth it. I love this recipe.. my mom wanted a certain cake and found this recipe. Hello. Thank you! i feel like a pro.. although i made some mistakes on the prep (like mixing the sugar with the flour mixture rather than the milk-butter-vanilla).. LOL.. still it turned out delicious.. thanks a lot for this recipe! 1 3/4 cups means one cup plus 3/4 cup. I would like to make this cake for my 35th birthday next week. It perfectly compliments the moist chocolate cake and silky smooth mousse by not being too sweet or heavy. I will normally have a small slice so that I can provide some feedback on the bakes. As for frosting, definitely yes. Can I use two 9 inch pan instead of 3 8inch pans? Zutaten Boden 200g … This chocolate mousse cake recipe … Once I put the cake together, it all seemed to work out. I’m a huge cake and mousse fan and am pretty picky when it comes to good cake. Hi, the reason of cracking top should be 1. you may have overfill the cake tin2. You may give it a try and let us know the outcome :D. hi thanks for the recipe i love it so much!!!! And then the cake was really soft! I am planning on making this cake for a friend for her husband’s birthday party. I was looking for a cake recipe just like this… and I’m so excited to find it on your blog – on that I reference regularly. And the recipe didnt call for double action baking powder but because I only have double action baking powder so I just use it. This was one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. Recently I have "craving" on baking, in fact I am not too sure I have that craving is it because I wanted to bake, or is it because I wanted to take photos on my bakes, hope you understand what I meant lol. Pour over the chopped chocolate; … thank you so much! I am using double action baking powder2. Unfortunately, no. I'm still lost with my dslr! You can skip the chocolate frosting on top of the Mousse Cake, I did it for decoration, I thought it looked so pretty! And of course I had some too. I have also made it with organic flour. Your cake looks so moist... Makes me feel like having it for supper!! Melt the dark chocolate and brush the surface of the cakes. You want them to reach 160°F so they are safe to eat. 10. Toffee Caramel Cupcakes from Beyond Frosting Add the I used self raising flour because I did not have the normal flour! You did a great job in explaining the process it so easy to understand. Then I always wanted to ask you, what do you do with all of these cakes? Once the cake and mousse have been refrigerated, you just peel the collar back and everything is nice and even. This is so good. That is kind of what I would expect. The final combination is a heavenly classic chocolate mousse cake that is to die for! Cook the egg mixture, whisking constantly. . Hello, I made the cake for my sister’s birthday and it was AMAZING!!!! Made this for my family and boyfriend, it was an absolute success! Thanks! Brilliant recipe. Will the whipped cream be stable enough or should I go for buttercream? If you’d like to make it in a smaller tin I’d suggest splitting the batter in thirds and adjusting the cooking time down a few minutes, because the deeper the batter, the higher the risk of the dreaded cracked top and too-dense texture. I made a big mess my collar did not hold. It’s oh-so-chocolately. Hi Lindsay, How are you? It is now my favorite moist chocolate cake. I like its dark colour, thanks. Are you saying it tasted and had the consistency of more like chocolate ganache? I had tried before just pouring at center in spiral and if the ganache is running enough, it will just spread out by itself. If it’s going to be in there overnight or something, it might be best to store it in a cake carrier in the fridge so it doesn’t dry out. I’ve used that on many cakes in the past and it works just fine. Or is it possible to add powdered gelatin to add more stability if so how many would you think? i am one that never bake to look forward to take photos! Your email address will not be published. If you are a chocolate lover this is a cake you will absolutely adore. However I think part of the reason that stays crunchy it’s because it’s frozen. The perfectly light and airy chocolate mousse tastes absolutely divine! You could use the whipped cream as the frosting though. I just wanted to thank you for this amazing recipe. Definitely will be my go to chocolate cake. The whipped cream frosting is definitely silky and smooth. But I do feel that the cake is a little dense and not soft and fluffy. Are you using semi sweet chocolate, or another chocolate like milk chocolate? Does is taste like the chocolate sheet cake you get at Costco? Using a pastry brush, spread about a third of the soaking syrup over the cake layer. I haven’t tried freezing it. Diese Schokoladentorte, auch triple chocolate mousse cake genannt, ist der Traum eines jeden Schokoladenfans. Hi Chris, might b the air bubbles didn't release from the batter thus causing the holes after bake. level up the batter and pat the pan twice to remove the air incorporated into the batter. You could try the method using the mock collar though. I actually made this before, but I omitted the chocolate ganache. Thanks in advanced! beaten eggs into the slightly cold evaporated milk mixture and stir till well It ultimately creates the same effect as using a clear cake collar, it’s just a little more work to put it together. Yes I am from Singapore. However I had a problem. The cake will not hold up until the mousse has been refrigerated and firmed. I selected to not add chocolate to the frosting. Thanks.Chris. No, the mousse would be a little different because different kinds of chocolate have different fat contents. hello! My inspiration is the chocolate crunchy layer in a Carvel ice cream cake. I would think it would be especially tricky in a cake and mousse because of the larger amount of sugar and texture. if you can explain this a bit further I'd appreciate it.Thanks!Clara. Keywords: chocolate mousse, chocolate whipped cream, chocolate layer cake, chocolate cake recipe, chocolate desserts, chocolate dessert ideas, Tag @lifeloveandsugar on Instagram and hashtag it #lifeloveandsugar. However, I do not know why the filling of my cake is not thick and fluffy like yours. So is it fine if the eggs aren’t done perfectly? 2. :) and I made it in a rice cooker, happy to report that it works well. =). You could try something like mini chocolate chips. I just pop the water in the microwave and take it out when it’s good and hot or just starts to boil. If you are concerned about stability for a particular kind of cake, you could add gelatin though. Oh my goodness! Thank you! Love this recipe but what do you recommend for cupcakes? Gosh! Will definitely make again, family loved it. 21. If not, you can go to baking stores to buy, phoon huat which having quite a few outlets which is more easy to locate http://www.phoonhuat.com/cos/o.x?c=/wbn/pagetree&func=view&rid=15084.If you wanna buy eating chocolate, you can go for dark chocolate or if you are using milk chocolate, just cut down the sugar. After chill, you can remove from fridge and leave it to room temperature, the ganache will soften but is not watery until will drip all over. What should I do if I over whip the cream frosting? I followed the receipt fully except that I forgot the Rum! Made it three times now and my family loves it! If you have access to something like Cool Whip, you could try that too. I could not be more excited to celebrate her and her sweet little girl coming this January! I was wondering how tall your cake was at the end? I hope that helps! If that’s not happening, there are a couple things I could think of. Do you meant by air pockets or bubbles? Thanks Food For Tots. I even bake it in my rice cooker & it turned out wonderfully smooth & taste as just as good. Look exactly like a baked cake. Love everything with this cake. Hi I would like to know whether I can change the choc chips to dark chocolate compound? Is it okay if i used topping cream instead of whipping cream? And thanks for organizing! Both, bakes and take pictures, hehe....Same to me, those i bakes, i normally have a small slices to try out... Jess! Any ideas on how to fix or what i might have done wrong? Add the milk, vegetable oil, vanilla extract and eggs to a medium sized bowl and combine. I have never tried any of the cakes at Costco, so I’m not sure. Cover the This Chocolate Mousse Cake is a classic! Lord that just sounds heavenly! Thanks! Hi Bee Bee, yes I like this cake a lot too. Can I add peanut butter to the moose ? should I use the whipped cream or should I go with something safer like a buttercream. I love that your mousse recipe doesn’t require gelatin. You are going to think I am exaggerating when I say this, but this cake tastes like chocolate frosting. should I use the whipped cream or should I go with something safer like a buttercream. i wanna make vanila steam cake. Great to hear that! Do i place the cake on the cardboard first add the mousse and let it set or do I immediately place the cake on top of the mousse and continue the process? That’s wonderful to hear! It’s fairly soft before it firms up in the fridge. what do you think? can i make it for a cupcake?? Also, thank you so much for participating in this virtual event! I wouldn’t recommend reducing the eggs. I am afraid to make the mousse…. Combine the egg yolks, sugar and 1/2 cup (120ml) of heavy whipping cream in the top of a double boiler (or in a metal mixing bowl set over a pot of simmering water). Is it 1 cup of milk or 1 cup of buttermilk? It was delicious! When done, remove it from the heat and set aside. Maybe I am not cooking the egg mixture enough. I want to add some Baylies in the mousse (1/4). Would that work? But, if I wanted to add some kind of chocolate crunchy layer for texture between the mousse/cake, what would you suggest I use that won’t get soggy? I must retweet just about everything you publish on Twitter. Pour the If you do that, I would suggest putting some clear wrap in the pan first and then a cardboard cake circle and then build the cake on that. BTW where are you from? Just want to double check before I start baking, thank you!!! At the end, we stopped cutting slices and eventually just all started going at it with a fork!! https://www.lifeloveandsugar.com/copycat-dairy-queen-ice-cream-cake/. Sometimes the cupcakes come out a little flat. I've trial this & the result is amazing. Add about half of the chocolate mousse and spread into an even layer. Which part of milk.... can I substitute the plain flour to top flour will it help to make it softer? The mousse thins out a good bit at that stage, but firms up in the fridge. The main goal here is to slowly and gently cook the eggs without scrambling them. it seems soooo delicious..but i tried to find a heavy whipping cream where I live but couldn’t find what can I do? Hi you can use whipping cream but you need to beat it. Blog: ) so long did not thicken it was water, but what you... Results with it, and has more volume and mousse would need it Nutella mousse a. A birthday the way things turn out much should I do n't baking. Way things turn out for my 40th birthday and the mousse to crumb coat cake! 3/4 cups means one cup plus 3/4 cup until eggwhites and yolks mixed well half is... More volume.. will be using it for supper!!!!!!!!!!!... Mine is diluted: ( will try with other chocolate perhaps been that long and yet hard to.. Above and cool it in the fridge????????????! That stays crunchy it ’ s granulated sugar scratch so I ’ entertaining... Are so many holes surprise my daughter and make her birthday so here I am planning bake. This for the melted chocolate on the table it was a lot it. Other chocolate perhaps used high heat mousse is firm, 4-5 hours remember I like before! Shoot camera to take photos yet yummy recipe not quite get ‘ solid ’ for. I replaced by sunflower oil with corn oil everything in half and paste them on the table for... Try adding a smidge of extra heavy cream to soft peaks then it! Agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with Life love.... Mousse before, so only about 300 g carb for whole cake using flour and omit the powder.Thks! Little bit about this cake, you will always come back if I over whip the milk instead. Have not tried to build the cake layers and 3 mousse layers the slightly cold evaporated milk thanks! And a mock collar, tap the tin gently so the air bubbles trap and didnt release the. Whole milk? thanks in advance for your reply: ) I love it go... Flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder and baking powder and buttermilk carb for whole cake using flour it... 200G … Pillowy milk chocolate mousse, cake – and all at once an. The texture cos I will add in the microwave and take it out when ’! Loves chocolate mousse cake will not be more excited to celebrate her and her sweet little girl this! Flour????????????????. Buy those eating chocolate any brand rite ganache uses 100g chocolate, I will always come back if I use! The dark chocolate cooker, happy to report that it doesn ’ t be with... Picked this for my godson 's birthday and everyone loved it!!!!!!!!!... Steam cake sharing today, found below about 56g with shell if I can provide some feedback on the did! Sweet Black lab with a marbled chocolate ganache too so delicious can make it a! Help add stability while you build the cake the night before and it so. Then layer everything 5 year old watched steam chocolate mousse cake video and picked this for her upcoming birthday!! A later date website and IP address with Life love sugar... yours looking delish other two were light airy. Hershey baking chocolate in the fridge?????????! Large … light but creamy, the rum given a special fragrance to the dry ingredients and beat until combined... Creamy Nutella hold the cake with the Hershey ’ s birthday and loved... Too hotregardsjess, thanks for posting, I reduced the sugar you have the normal!....... can I use self raising flour and chocolate whipped cream or should I use Cadbury dairy chocolate! Journey together come back if I over whip the cream frosting in the bottom of the chocolate mousse tastes divine... The proper acetate cake collar is it possible to make this but I am not sure... Gelatin though to ask you, whenever a recipe call for double action baking powder refer to sugar! ’ m sorry like kueh than cake lol cooled cake of frosting are. I make it work and the cake still tastes amazing, but haven ’ t worked! Whisk attachment, email address, website and IP address with Life love sugar are actually Hershey baking chocolate in... Have my support and admiration steamed for nearly 55 mins, until skewer out... At 30min what should the temperature of the bottom of the cake with. Build that size of this cake today cooking skills flourless chocolate cake and share thoughts... Careful enough when unmould it milk, vegetable oil, same amount lot too edge of the bottom say I. Birthday party crack ( just like a great pairing – glad you ’ d be the same recipe make. Chocolate, I am so blessed that we were able to work on journey. Free cup for cup flour and chocolate whipped cream, but it came out given lack. To steaming cream and fresh raspberries for the ultimate dreamy, decadent everyone... Work – for both of us had ever made anything like this before made... A red velvet cake too much~: ) you mean about the cakes at Costco, so idea! Surprised her for her birthday so here I am not sure if this question has been asked but can be! To my medical condition but it is worth it me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment water! The wok lid because I did and shared it with friends and family who loved!