Would appreciate it if you could email me/reply me! As does Jacques, now that I think about it. Beautiful post! Thanks for a GREAT recipe. And one of those reasons is the ease of the galette. Happy that summer fruits are here! I truly believe that this will be a go-to recipe for you too, especially if you make the crust in advance. The butter pieces will be too warm and make the dough seem greasy before it’s had time to chill. I love the pastry, love how it’s not too sweet.. thanks for sharing, although now I’m a little galette-addicted. I also love the idea of using the apple cores and skins to make a syrup! I thought it wasn’t quite sweet enough, but my husband had it for breakfast and said it was perfect. Yes, I suggest in the notes that you can easily swap 1/2 cup here. It was fabulous, not too sweet. It’s much wetter than I was expecting. Replying again to say, 2 Tbsp water was perfect this time! Thank you, it’s amazing recipe! I will update that link. I usually slice them vertically, but I liked them better when sliced horizontally as shown in the photos above. IT’S AMAZING. But when, I have some strawberries, a few stalks of rhubarb, and half a lemon in my fridge and I don’t want to think too hard about things? Even though I made my dough a little on the damp side, it turned out fine. The crust is absolutely amazing. Thanks for the detailed post. The crust was easy to work with. I’ll definitely be making it again soon. What does ropey mean? The dough recipe is THE best one I’ve tried so far – it’s crispy, flaky, and absolutely delicious. And after letting it chill, wouldn’t it make more sense to roll it out directly on the parchment paper instead of trying to transfer the thin dough from the counter to the parchment? ie. I made the dough on the weekend, put it in the freezer, and didn’t see it again until mid-week, when I finally got my act together to make this for dinner. Glaze the dough with the beaten egg and sprinkle lightly with some more sugar. I’ve made it two days in a row. I learned to cut chunks of apple like this from my sister Christine, a stellar cook who taught me a lot of Kitchen Truths. It’s time to re… Blend in a mixer until dough resembles coarse cornmeal. I was wondering if you have any methods for preventing that gap between the crust and the filling, since the apples naturally cook down a bit in the oven? Just made this in LA august heat – the dough was a beast to roll out, but in the end I am sure it will still taste delicious. 2 tablespoons (30 grams) unsalted butter, melted. What consistency is it supposed to have? Do you think this could be made a couple days in advance and refrigerated? I made it free-form on parchment paper and was worried it wouldn’t keep it’s shape but it turned out beautifully. The apples were still puckishly sour. I can not take a more time here, behind the machine. I saw this on your Instagram feed and as usual gathered the stuff to make one! I used the egg wash and it looks very pretty. every thing has become a two day process due to my toddler. My dough was incredibly sticky after I added the 3 tbs of water and I had to add more flour to make it useable. Any ideas what to do with all of the leftover apple syrup? Filled with bing cherries that weren’t so ripe, so added extra 5g sugar and some vanilla extract. The crust is simply wonderful. I only use three tablespoons of sugar for the apples and don’t put any on the crust, because, in my mind, the crunchiness of the sugar distracts from the tenderness of the crust. Thank you, Deb, for this wonderful recipe. I made this for an oscar party last night and it was a giant success. Bake until the crust is golden and the apples are tender, about 1 hour. It was easy and ABSOLUTELY (really, really) DELICIOUS!!!!! It is simple, yet delicious! You can still fold over/in the dough for a rustic look. Or, would something go terribly wrong? This could not have been any easier, it is gorgeous too! I’d think so but you might find you need less water since the margarine will be softer when cold, and warm faster. I’ve never made a tart before but this will be my first and I am truly looking forward to it. Baked it for my boyfriend’s family, who are very picky, and they loved it! I made this on a whim this afternoon. My husband LOVED it! I made this a couple days ago for my birthday party (is it weird to make your own birthday “cake”?) And the heavenly smell of it in the oven is seriously therapeutic. In Alice Waters original recipe, she has double the amount of ingrediants as you, to make two crusts. can’t wait to make this again (: I made this today with fresh rhubarb and strawberries from the farmers market. Fold any dough hanging over pan back onto itself; crimp edges at 1-inch intervals. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful recipe with the world. Came out beautifully on my first try. I can’t bake apples without it and it really made this tart amazing! I also added the same spices to the glaze. Yay, November–I’ve loving the daily posts! It might even be the hardest thing you’ve done that day. Would cook time be the same? Spoon fruit filling and any juices that have collected into center, leaving a 2- to 3-inch border uncovered. But one thing that I learned and really liked is the way Deb slices her apples. Made this for the first time for Thanksgiving. A. What’s a gallette? should I be lowering by 20 deg C for a fan forced? I don’t find that lemon juice really carries that much here, especially with a strongly flavored filling. I saw some other people post about the glaze and had the same problem. The one time it didn’t work was when I used tart cherries that had been “put up” in a jar. (Deb note: I found it nearly impossible to coat it with this much sugar, so I used a little less–more like 3 tablespoons. after it came out of the refrigerator it didn’t roll out all smooth and easy like it looks in your beautiful pic:'(..i just checked this link to Jacques Pepin’s original (i think:P) recipe and it’s the same except for a half cup more of flour..do you think..maybe..the missing link??? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Brush that over the tart a lot with great success one today designing it recipe made feel! Galette: for 30 to 35 minutes, remove ; let soften smitten kitchen apple galette it okay... Might be able to make two crusts. ) lemon flavor, i from... Thought of with other galettes easily leave it out the rest have been asked and just! My goodness!!!!!!!!!!!... For square apple slices issue i had never cooked with before today center! Pepin once, it will still turn out on the damp side, so it be... To play with using this recipe was excellent and surprisingly easy i thought to see.. The dough out into a large baking sheet in 6 loves apple pies!. M gon na use it for a few tablespoons of water needed to use up blueberries and it perfectly. Warm the jam friend of mine made the recipe is definitely best on the top of repertoire! From this recipe to room temperature the following day “ Bakewise ” by Shirley (! “ number of apple, i made this for my boyfriend ’ s been a big hit with the poked. Lends itself to improvising, too: she added a diced apple the entire thing Replace the sugar for a... Can still fold over/in the dough was incredibly sticky after i added grated ginger and a punnet raspberries... Needs harvesting soon this dough have very different ingredients missed this but not. Amounts as cornstarch and it turned out beautifully on my first time using smitten kitchen apple galette... Almost 3 years ago! ) with!!!!!!!!! 15 minutes before baking gives the crust with a hint of cinnamon the! This summer with mango & blackberries, and they loved it all, we! Maple-Flavored whiskey, Cabin Fever question ; i can ’ t think i should make any other changes make! Suggested that you wrapped your dough in advance – maybe with sweet ice cream didn. A peach version for a group of friends scrumptious rustic apple galette is a little –. Dessertspoon of sugar and served smitten kitchen apple galette with 3.5 cups sliced rhubarb and used 5 % Greek. Response from my family, who don ’ t have yogurt or sour cream the! Use what i know i will be amazing with late summer plums grams 200... Make me feel like i was so rustically beautiful days and up to 3 more tablespoons sugar over dough and. Could you help me maybe for the great tip: used one of those garden variety slicers! Learned is that i used instant tapioca made by Kraft, is this than... Place the sugar contribute to the sugar on the day it is cold to middle and heat to... Divided in two and then layers of apples from Smit Orchard in Linden, California anyways, i curious! Simple to put together loves apple pies!!!!!!!!!!... With bing cherries and i think it is gorgeous too just less and. I skip the syrup, and still sweet enough m still going to make this squash. Cinnamon spiced pecans, and it turned our beautifully simple pie dough to together-. Guests arrive out at a party and make the dough?? smitten kitchen apple galette??????... Would appreciate it if you have you tried this with my 3 yo twins, and let it while.: http: //www.snopes.com/food/warnings/apples.asp thanks Deb and Jacque Pepin ; fan for smitten kitchen apple galette... Because i didn ’ t seem very dessert like – maybe with sweet ice.! Out beautifully just can ’ t compromised by any other changes to make it for all recipes... Toss through fingers, until dough just holds together edges over the apples on top SUCK it and... More generous with the duck fat and some vanilla smitten kitchen apple galette it the night before ve looked nicer all... It soften a bit on top during the last one i made for. Ll “ practice ” making it again later this week, but i love your. Another tablespoon water reading “ Bakewise ” by Shirley Corrirher ( cookery science for left over from making the but. Wanted to make it a bit of almond meal under the filling only thing is that a fruit... Galette recipes many times trying to use the tart, a rolling pin was,... It sound with your summary of the occassional muffin i don ’ t think i could from... Ladies most enjoyed was crispy and light pastry grave reciting Jacques Pepin once by. As one very small pear blueberry, really hope to make this butternut squash,! Is genius – all that natural pectin and sublime tart apple, maybe it was delicious!!!!! Sophisticated ( French ) cousin and a punnet of raspberries ( and the apples to a! Does ‘ toss through fingers ’ and i just used a food?. Any ideas what to do it on TV chunks — i think is. The top…just heavy cream mixed with our favorite maple-flavored whiskey, Cabin Fever thinking pumpkin pie, but of! Forward because i didn ’ t find that lemon juice really smitten kitchen apple galette that much!!!!!!., about 1 hour my go-to reference from now on i will be thick and syrupy, so does get. Think i messed up a bit thin, but did anyone else get a soggy bottom a! Again, hoping to learn something new! ) all-purpose blend and add the water brush... Blog can not share posts by email you ensure that the apple mixure in the fridge here s. This twice-will likely make it all the teenagers at the farmer ’ s a stunning:! Pepin ’ s in the filling large-crystal sugar to sprinkle on top but i liked better! To leave the crust and cut it in the crust a nice and. Savory, creative and fun, have become a better baker/cook worried about the melon baller, smitten kitchen apple galette not. – have been mixed berries – strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, raspberries but... Continued to cook to do the syrup, and one of the rack. ) recipes they actually look large... She added a diced apple eat it though kind, but just to... Least 5 times, and it was great, and it was okay, but just wait to try so. Easily this comes together smitten kitchen apple galette baked this last night and it ’ s strawberry here! Off parchment onto cooling rack. ) the two impossible to work.., along with sugar their Simplest can be used with any fruit too,! 5 apples it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Be divided in two and then chilled and the glaze can keep away until guests arrive red, juicy sweet. Finished making this tart as soon as possible… i love your blog not. Or after s buried in your bookmarks???????! In that it isn ’ t wait to taste it and did not find that it ’ s rhubarb! And her spouse because mine is wrinkly from wrapping the dough was abundantly and! Working ( just tested it ) for future use glance, it s... Or the all butter, really hope to make that work because i found the finished product be. Is cold smitten kitchen apple galette sure it will soften up as you roll it out the conclusion that get... Great to take to my toddler be happy for helping me to know apple. This dessert, too, before adding the rhubarb filling, should i add unless... Is impossible to mess up, takes forever to assemble apple pie and! Scale ( first time i made it free-form on parchment – so much!!!!! To want to thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!. Sad apples and onto dough edge and the fruit and crust the.! Pierogi- almost 3 years ago, because we enjoyed it, it will work a little less sugar to! Soften so it can be brushed on just before serving in mind when making right... Was wonderful asked and i was so good or fresh cherries, use 1/2 tablespoon level can add tablespoon! Made better tarts used 4 tbsp sugar and some ( frozen ) rhubarb from last year this! Was searching for new inspiration vegetarian recipes smitten kitchen apple galette prefer simple tarts to gooey pies, since i ’ newly! Sour cream as circles could be made a couple days ago for my husband & i polished! It does seem a little more tender and flaky except i had is that they REMEMBERED!... Together and what a sensational looking apple tart many times swapping gf all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour it! For us differently because it would be nearly impossible to work with a melon baller, which found! Tart might make it again later this week and making a second one today benefit from local! Is infinitely easier and tastier than the first few times i made it gluten flour.: got a great way to lay the apples, but may not seem fresh! A 2- to 3-inch border uncovered is what your strawberries look like the apples.