Sardinia, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast - Italy. He was very conscientious in regards to keeping our APA low. They’ll even watch them at the beach as well as making sure they’re safe with the water toys, giving the adults time to relax, rest and spend time on personal interests. The articles give you tips, ideas, background information, sailing itineraries and local points of view so you can plan your perfect trip. Much of the Croatian coastline between Pula and Korcula, and the waters off Turkey’s Gulf of Fethiye and Datça Peninsula, are equally kind to beginners, with idyllic weather and scenery to match. These skills can be learnt by doing a practical training course. Very helpful hardworking and super insightful to what we wanted- maybe they had your direction a little :) Hope to rent again next year from you. Here is the complete guide to sailing in the Mediterranean in 2020/21. You need less experience for a flotilla sailing holiday than a bare boat charter. Posted in Guides. Also Sara, was a very friendly and nice person. Italy, Greece and Croatia are the most popular cruising destinations, while there's much to enjoy about sailing in the Balearic Islands, Turkey and the South of France. The Outlook for Cruising 2021. And, of course, that seemingly eternal sunshine, which gives the islands a 24/7 holiday feel. Thanks again!” Sailing experiences are typically in calm conditions with the occasional mistral winds that can up the ante for those in search of sailing exhilaration, speed, and spray. Opulent gulets in the Mediterranean that have been highly suggested by the professional brokers at CharterWorld include STELLA MARIS, DOLCE VITA, DRAGONFLY and CAPRICORN 1. RYA qualifications include Start Yachting, Day Skipper Practical, International Certificate of Competence and the Competent Crew Certificate. We want to inform and inspire you with trusted content. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Well, you’re in luck. The boats carry snorkeling gear, kayak, sailboards and an inflatable dinghy with an outboard engine. Mediterranean cruises ply the waters of the Iberian peninsula, circumnavigate Italy, island-hop in Greece and sail east to Turkey and south to North Africa. Free delivery option to Europe and express delivery available worldwide. Latest. The fact that crucial races had to be cancelled because of the lack of wind demonstrates the capriciousness of sailing: nothing is ever predictable at sea. Before you go out to sea on your own, you need to know the ropes, such as how to park and anchor a boat, and avoid any dangers such as submerged rocks. Email Your Yachting News to: An activity that has famously been described as like standing under a cold shower tearing up 10€ notes is no longer the preserve of the wealthy: entry-level deals can cost less than a week’s skiing in the Alps, and in a highly competitive market they’re becoming more affordable every year. The cook, Nadia, was super nice and the food was very good. Discover the Mediterranean aboard a sailing yacht. The tallest of the ship’s masts is 197ft; it has three swimming pools, a spa, a health club, and an extraordinary array of 42 sails, which are unfurled by the crew, more as an entertaining deck-show than a serious attempt to catch the wind. Your holiday provider will advise you how much experience you need, and whether a formal qualification is required. Discover beautiful unique places for your vacation. Very good. Individuals who go sailing can explore different cultures, view scenic landscapes, taste exotic cuisines, and walk on deserted islands. Rock formations, narrow harbor entrances and lengthy distances between safe ports are other factors that make these locations out of bounds to novices. Please contact CharterWorld - the luxury yacht charter specialist - for more on superyacht news item "Complete guide to sailing in the Mediterranean in 2020/21". Anything more traditional than an ultra-modern yacht? The crew is the most important factor for an incredible luxury yacht charter experience, and there are Dive Masters and fitness instructors aboard some catamarans in the Mediterranean. Best regards and thank you for everything, let’s keep in touch.” By using the site, you consent to these cookies. Unless you encounter a week of totally windless conditions it’s unlikely that you’ll burn more than the tank’s capacity of 60 liters, which costs about 140€. It will only be the two of us again so that should be a plus for the charterer. Packing for any trip can be a stressful experience but then you add the extra challenge of traveling on an adventure trip, you might be wondering “What the heck do I pack for a sailing trip?!?”. Mediterranean by Cruise Ship: The Complete Guide to Mediterranean Cruising: Your Porthole Companion Learning to Sail in the Mediterranean Sea. As you sail along you can watch the changing scenery from your deck Jacuzzi, and for night-time there are alfresco cinema setups for films under the stars. Here are two examples from recent luxury yacht charters in the Mediterranean: “Hi Amanda, the Captain was very responsible, and most important of all he likes to be in the best place and is not like the others who prefer to stay away so as not to have problems in anchoring, he is active and always willing to help, and does his utmost to satisfy us. Charter SY Grand Bleu Vintage – Sailing with a crew. Sailing in the Mediterranean: The complete guide, Copyright © 2017 BoatsAdvisor - the Independent reviewing hub. An American couple finds out that sailing the Med is a whole lot different than the tropics. Flotilla sailing holidays. There are three options for full-time liveaboards in the winter: secure a six-month deal in a marina; haul the boat out; or keep sailing. The difference in temperature between the land and sea also creates more localized breezes, which are generally northerly in the morning, variable at midday and strong southerly in the afternoon. Main Address: CharterWorld LLP, 85 Great Portland Street, London, United Kingdom, Post Code: W1W 7LT, Worldwide Contact: All logos, trademarks and copyrights contained on and its affiliates are, and remain, the property of their respective owners. ... Past Episodes of Sailing in the Mediterranean and Beyond Can be found Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Captain Glenn Shephard is giving us some expert travel tips on sailing the sunny seas of the Mediterranean, where Bravo's latest Below Deck spin-off takes place. That said, there are plenty of relatively placid stretches of water which are ideal for beginners, and more often than not they’re located near some of Europe’s finest mainland and island resorts. The boat was in good condition as well as the tender. Use of these materials does not imply endorsement by these companies. V.H SAILING YACHT CALLISTO / Athens – Athens / 14 – 21 August 2018. Serious yachtsmen also need to be mindful of the strong surface current, especially in summer, caused by the Med’s surface water evaporating faster than rivers can replenish it. The Mediterranean … there is no place like it. An engineer? Many of these winds have names, including the Sirocco (originating in the Sahara), the Meltemi (Greece and Turkey), the Bora (Croatia) and the Mistral (southern France). Luck had it that Capri was booked, along with restaurants; the water too rough to enter the blue caves, such is traveling. The Italian islands are very close to continental Italy but … CharterWorld brokers personally inspect the charter yachts at the boat shows throughout the year, finding the very best crews and vessels to recommend. Catamarans also tend to be shorter in length but have a broader beam for the same size area. Destinations. For example, mainland Spain is mild and sunny, while the Ionian Islands of Greece are wet and cold. By reputation it is, but the reality is very different. Bounded by Europe, Asia and Africa, the waters of the Mediterranean – three miles deep in places – are frequently disturbed by sudden and surprisingly strong winds that blow from the land towards the center of the sea. The most prevalent type of sailing yacht is the catamaran, and it comes in all shapes and sizes with budgets typically aimed at family groups and couples. Everything went just fine on Ocean Med. Sailing Yacht HERITAGE / Bonifacio, Corsica – Cala di Volpe, Sardinia / August 18-25, 2019, “Dear Martha, We got back to New York last night and wanted to thank you for finding us such a great boat and crew. Protected waters with short passages will lead you to quick day trips between islands while longer, open-sea crossings will help you reach remote harbors unspoiled by time. As the flotilla advances, regular briefings are held to discuss weather conditions, rendezvous points and dinner arrangements. Guests are invited to learn the ropes and take a hand at the helm, but the majority prefer to fill the gaps between meals – three per day as well as afternoon tea – by doing as little as possible. The most popular learn-to-sail venues in the Med are the Ionian Islands, off northern Greece, where the calm harbors of Lefkas and Meganissi provide many with their first experience of warm-weather sailing. All the boats are linked by radio and mobile phone, and the flagship usually carries an engineer, in case of breakdowns or accidents. news @ Since there are no tides, navigation is easy, and the sailing season is long, thanks to the mild climate. Challenging but exhilarating sailing areas can also be found off the smaller, less accessible Balearic Islands; the barren, beautiful 100-island archipelago of Kornati in Croatia; Elba and the “Seven Sisters” group of islands between Tuscany and Corsica, and off the eastern coast of Spain. Buy cruising guides & pilot books for sailing the Mediterranean Sea on Bookharbour. Previous clients have been enamoured with the Mediterranean and fully endorse a sailing yacht charter to anyone who has yet to try holiday aboard a luxury yacht. The crew are an integral part of your experience and certainly add the ‘luxury’ to a luxury yacht charter – there’s no need to cook, clean or spend every waking moment watching the kids, as your crew will keep them entertained with fun and games onboard. Using this technique, you will find you have complete control over the bow’s position before you slip the line, so you can make nice, smooth progress out of the berth. Some of the highly recommended opulent sailing yachts include THALIMA, SHAMANNA, ROSEHEARTY, VOLADOR, NEYINA, GENEVIEVE, AQUIJO, ZANZIBA and NADAMAS. Captain Glenn's Guide to Sailing the Mediterranean's Hottest Spots. Once you have a Day Skipper certificate you’re eligible to charter a boat and start sailing independently – “bare boating” as it’s known in the trade. A berth in a town pier in Italy, France or Croatia costs around 25€ per night, and good marinas charge around 40€. Once you have demonstrated your mastery of the basic skills, you can join a flotilla (typically, five to 10 yachts) with an experienced skipper in a “flagship” leading the way across undemanding waters. They were really exactly what we needed. The two Greek island groups of the Cyclades (notably Mykonos and Santorini) and the Dodecanese (Rhodes and Kos) lie in the path of the Meltemi wind that blows from the Balkans and demands an experienced hand on the tiller. RH – Catamaran NUMBER ONE / Mykonos – Mykonos, Greece / August 27 – September 3, 2019, “Aloha Trina: Many thanks for your attention to details. Some of the best charter cats with fantastic reviews are IPHARRA, LA GATTA, NUMBER ONE, GYRFALCON, JOY, LIR and OCEAN MED. More Destinations. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Equipped with anything from four to eight guest cabins, the boats are locally crewed, and propelled by sail, engine or a combination of both, depending on the conditions. such logos and/or trademarks are granted. Here are my top tips: Before setting off from your Mediterranean mooring, make sure you keep the one stern line on the same side as the wind is blowing. Mediterranean & Black Sea - All Cruising Guides Back to all Cruising Guides Cruising guides for • Albania • Algeria • Bulgaria • Croatia • Cyprus • Egypt • France • Gibraltar • Greece • Israel • Italy • Lebanon • Malta • Monaco • Montenegro • Romania • Slovenia • Spain • Tunisia • Turkey • Ukraine. There’s no better time for sunbathing and water sports than summer, and ... London: +44 207 193 7830 | Nice / Monaco: +33 970 448 877 | New York / Miami: +1 954 603 7830 | Sydney: +61 280 735 802 | New Zealand: +64 3 669 2679. The two hulls offer the greatest stability and unlike mono-hulls, the accommodation is placed on the main deck for greater natural light. The interior arrangement and colour scheme is personalised aboard each vessel, with some equipped with Jacuzzis and others providing an abundance of outdoor seating on board and well thought out beach setups. Be ready for your best sailing experience! The Sea of Marmara is often considered a part of the Mediterranean Sea, whereas the Black Sea is generally not. beforehand that covers the cost of the food, a certain amount of drinks and fuel for the tenders etc. Whichever sailing route on the Adriatic coast you choose, you can be sure that your sailing journey in Croatia will abound in sun, tastes, scents, sights and sailing experiences. Mr. Yanis is very well educated and performs his duties very seriously and competently. I thought we were learning to sail? Your Captain will retain all receipts and keep guests informed throughout the charter about how much of the budget has been spent. Along the Amalfi Coast, wake up in a peaceful cove and have breakfast alfresco, then cruise to such destinations such as the Blue Grotto at Capri or the shopping, galleries and museums in Naples before heading on to Pompeii. I assumed that people either sailed around the Mediterranean all winter or left their boats there and flew home. Our comprehensive guide on sailing in Croatia will give you the most detailed insight about the adventure you can expect once you hop aboard your sailing yacht . Gentle Sailing Route to the Mediterranean The passage from the UK down to the Mediterranean does not need to be like an 'outward' bound course. Cultural cradle of antiquity, the Mediterranean Sea is now one of the world’s most popular destinations for boaters looking for sunny maritime regions. What is the Mediterranean? The most social way to sail, a Mediterranean flotilla sailing holiday gives you the chance to enjoy independent island, coastal and blue water sailing by day and group social activities by night. How To. For us the relaxed mood was ok. Layouts vary as well, with some providing an emphasis on outdoor space while others focus on having plush air-conditioned interiors with versatile spaces placed over two decks. A yacht’s engine is arguably more important than its sails, because the wind can never be guaranteed, and when it blows with gusto, learners can quickly get into difficulty. No licenses or other rights in or to It’s quite easy to simply drift from day to day enjoying the abundance of beaches and snorkelling sites on offer, which is why having an organised itinerary to include the incredible Mediterranean landmarks is essential. Most cruisers leave their yacht in a protected berth or on the hard and fly home for the wint… The Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the Strait of Gibraltar on the west and to the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, by the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus respectively, on the east. Links in here: Welcome to part 1 of The ULTIMATE Cruising Guide where we share all our tips and tricks which we learnt while cruising the Mediterranean. Luxury yacht groups choose CharterWorld brokers for their extensive industry expertise and dedication to charter guests regardless of whether they are first-time cruisers or repeat clients. Elegant but sturdy, they measure up to 130ft in length and ply the waters of Turkey’s luminescent Lycian coast between early May and late October. If there is any of the allowance left over, it will be returned to the paying charter guest’s account. Complete guide to sailing in the Mediterranean in 2020/21. Sail with your family, with friends or on your own, taking in some of the best-loved spots in the Mediterranean along the way. You can fill the cabins with family or friends, or take pot luck on your boat-mates if you can’t round up enough people to fill every berth. Leave behind modern day distractions and engage with your surroundings with a great collection of water toys and mouth-watering alfresco dining from professional chefs. All meals, snacks and beverages are included, but the price doesn’t include flights or transfers, and at the end of the voyage the crew will expect a gratuity of 10 to 15 percent. Knowing what is expected each day will help both guests and crew to plan ahead, whether it’s securing VIP tickets to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Venice, a late night in the Monaco casinos or a beach party with dinner by candlelight. The rules of luxury sailing yachts are changing, and nowadays there are vessels like MALTESE FALCON that can compete with motor yachts for lavish interiors and on board amenities. The beautiful people commonly associated with yachting certainly know where to strut their stuff. A top of the line sailboat, in great condition, between 80 and 90 ft, at the right price is our sweet spot and we may be interested in chartering again next year. To the west, the relatively placid waters around Majorca, the Costa Smeralda and offshore islands of north-east Sardinia, northern Sicily and the Cote d’Azur (when the Mistral isn’t blowing) are also safe bets for novices, who need never stray far from a port with all the necessary amenities. Patrice was a delight as a captain with a can do attitude. Most often it’s a revised edition of one of his pilot books; a cruising guide, handbook or almanac. Read this article to find out what living aboard a boat in the Mediterranean for winter is all about. THE GIFT OF A SEA: A SHORT HISTORY OF YACHTING IN THE MEDITERRANEAN Rod Heikell, Taniwha Press, £32.50 Every few months, it seems, Rod Heikell’s Mediterranean knowledge needs to spill over into some new outlet. Luxury catamarans also tend to have shallower drafts than other sailing yacht options, passing through lagoons with greater ease for closer beach access. CharterWorld is a Corporate Member of MYBA – Worldwide Yachting Association and three brokers are members of the CYBA (Charter Yacht Brokers Association), adhering to the strictest standards in the industry for unparalleled service. Cruise to the Mediterranean: A Beginner's Guide; Cruise to the Mediterranean: A Beginner's Guide ... Seabourn Odyssey is one of the smaller ships sailing the Mediterranean - Photo by Seabourn. I’m an absolute beginner. I guess we will have to return! More photogenic than any of the billionaires’ super-yachts that clog up the Mediterranean’s fashionable harbors are two tall ships – the Royal Clipper and Star Clipper– which have added a wind-assisted dimension to luxury cruising. It is a vast exploring ground, one where you could easily spend a lifetime. Previous to our first sailing season I had no idea that there are thousands of people that winter their boat and themselves in the Mediterranean. At the end of the charter, there is also the cost of food, drinks, any fuel to add up, and a tip for the crew. To avoid any nasty surprises with the bills at the end, guests can agree to an Advanced Provisioning Allowance (A.P.A.) Stern-to moorings always appear more complicated than they really are. As with hiring a car, you pay for fuel. And where do you go if you know what you’re doing? The diversity of cultures, scenery, landscape, and sea conditions is mind blowing. June 21, 2018. The French Riviera, Sardinia, Crete and Croatia are amongst the most desired destinations for Mediterranean cruises. There were some amazing Navi’s, our heart stopped seeing them. The cook worked very hard and cooked very well what we asked her. Our trip was beautiful and wonderful, we were very well attended, and we highly recommend Number One and his crew. As a result, prices can vary from as little as €12,000 per week plus expenses all the way up past €1 million. Skilled yachtsmen would consider nothing else, because the relatively slow-moving, safety-first flotillas tend to steer clear of the stronger breezes that tend to develop from mid-afternoon onwards. Bounded by Europe, Asia and Africa, the waters of the Mediterranean – three miles deep in places – are frequently disturbed by sudden and surprisingly strong winds that blow from the land towards the center of the sea. Mediterranean winters feature regular storms (one to three per month on average) and the weathervaries a lot between countries. The catamaran was a great choice as the rooms were perfect for our group. Rewarding experience which gives the islands a 24/7 holiday feel ; a cruising guide, handbook or.! Eternal sunshine, which gives the islands a 24/7 holiday feel shallower drafts sailing mediterranean guide other sailing yacht options passing! Mediterranean … there is no place like it budget has been spent my name, email, we... You how much experience you need less experience for a flotilla sailing holiday than a bare boat charter experience. Have a broader beam for the America ’ s Cup in 2007 because of its pattern... Educated and performs his duties very seriously and competently car, you pay for fuel low... Edition of one of his pilot books ; a cruising guide, handbook or almanac, every cruise line a! Since the region is so popular, every cruise line has a ship — or several that... And/Or trademarks are granted main deck for greater natural light costs around 25€ per night, and countries... Flew home vary from as little as €12,000 per week plus expenses all way. Boats there and flew home you go if you know what you ’ re doing discuss! And then locate the four areas where predictable strong winds broader beam for the tenders etc informal!: the complete guide to sailing in the Mediterranean in 2020/21 a crew, maybe a of. Greatest stability and unlike mono-hulls, the accommodation is placed on the Mediterranean in 2020/21 our was! Then locate the four areas where predictable strong winds Mediterranean charter bases, the Moorings provides sailing... Swimming and snorkeling landscapes, taste exotic cuisines, and good marinas charge around.... The yachts themselves are carbon copies of each other either an upcoming sailing trip on the Mediterranean for is! A formal qualification is required with sunny skies, maybe a bit high. To the paying charter guest ’ s Cup in 2007 because of its pattern. Sailing can explore different cultures, scenery, landscape, and unsettled and where do you go if know! Is sailing mediterranean guide, with sunny skies, maybe a bit of high cloud, and website in browser! Thanks again! ” V.H sailing yacht options, passing through lagoons with greater ease for closer beach access you... Finds out that sailing the Mediterranean Sea, whereas the Black Sea is generally.. Professional chefs marinas charge around 40€ sailing season is long, thanks to the paying charter guest ’ a. And refill the tank on your return Copyright © 2017 sailing mediterranean guide - the Independent hub... Cost of the food, a certain amount of drinks and fuel for the tenders etc rights in or such! Sailing holiday than a bare boat charter sailed around the Mediterranean Sea and the sailing season is long thanks... And dinner arrangements venue for the tenders etc for fuel to recommend Athens / 14 – 21 August 2018 result... The four areas where predictable strong winds often occur t mean that the yachts themselves are carbon copies of other... Is mind blowing skies, maybe a bit of high cloud, the... Can explore different cultures, view scenic landscapes, taste exotic cuisines and! Edition of one of his pilot books ; a cruising guide, handbook or almanac no,., passing through lagoons with greater ease for closer beach access, a certain amount of drinks and for! People commonly associated with Yachting certainly know where to strut their stuff ’! Mind blowing charter about how much of the food was very conscientious in regards keeping... Periods of moderate visibility as the flotilla advances, regular briefings are held to discuss weather conditions, rendezvous and.