If you have a variegated type you must provide bright indirect light, otherwise If you opt for shade, you'll lose the markings. Broad bright thick green leaves are the specialty of rubber plant trees that make them unique from rest of the plants. rubber plant benefits - Expert ideas and tips with photos, designs with pics for rubber plant benefits If you grow plants indoors and get worried about the allergy, you must know that it is due to the pollens produced by their blooms. Growing rubber plant from cuttings allows you to have multiple specimens that you can keep at home and office. Pruning of rubber plant tree is not a big deal. In growing season or in dry conditions, you may water once or twice a week but be careful especially in winter. Formaldehyde … The leaves of the rubber plant are exceptionally large and glossy compared to other houseplants, which makes it desirable, just like fiddle leaf fig. So, just read the simple and easy to follow care tips and apply to your indoor rubber plant to get best of rubber plant benefits. 07 of 10. Don’t forget to perform Griha Pravesh Puja and Vastu Puja to remove negative energy from your home. Moist clean leaves will be more efficient to give all the benefits. They used the sap to make rubber balls to waterproof their clothing and to make their own shoes and shoe soles. Description. Rubber plant exhibiting multiple benefits is well known to clean air due to its broad leaves that play a central role in this cleaning process. Based on a study, indoor plant can reduce cold and related illness by 30%. They can thrive in dim light, so they do well in a variety of indoor conditions. We have combined these two powerful search tools into a single Find a Plant service searching over 250,000 plant records. Blue Star Fern | Detailed Blue Star Fern Care Sheet, Lipstick Plant: A Complete Lipstick Plant Care Guide |15 Best Care Tips. More you will find how to prune and propagate rubber plant and most worthy common rubber plant problems. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica): 8 Exceptional Rubber Plant Benefits, Does Baking Soda Kill Ants? Make a cut in rubber plant’s branch or stem and place a clean toothpick in that hole. In its natural habitat, it can exceed the height of 100 feet, but in pots, it’s quite manageable and grows up to 6-10 feet tall. According to studies of NASA, the rubber plant is categorized among plants capable of improving indoor air quality. Rubber plants (Ficus elastica) offer many benefits for homes, greenhouses, and offices. Tolerates bright direct light. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The leaves of rubber plants mainly absorb formaldehyde from the air (1). In water, soil, food and most importantly in the air. Indian Rubber Plant Indoor Tree Easy to Grow Evergreen House Plant for Home, Office & Conservatory 1 x Ficus Eleastica Robusta in 12cm Pot by Thompson & Morgan. The List. When you see roots growing, cut the branch and plant in new soil. Even if you have grown this plant and its getting beyond the limit tall, you can easily restrict its height by pruning after reading how to prune rubber plant below. Formaldehyde is one the main indoor air pollutant which emits largely from paints, wooden polish and garage goods. 09-09. 6 Classy Steps to Repair. Just like other care check points, temperature is also a worthy one. Rubber plant is such a friendly plant that if you give little time, it will give you back fast growth without any problem. The Pros: It provides good insulation from heat. Kaju Cultivation Tips, Growing Methods in India. Its absolutely stunning with broad thick glossy leaves and unusual height reaching up to several feet if not cut. Apart from that, this feature makes this houseplant more aesthetic indoors. Dr Wolverton ranks the Rubber Plant as one of the very best houseplants to clean the air. What Vastu Says: Keeping it in the south-east direction of your entrance attracts most energy. During the dormant season, your plant may only need water once or twice a month. It was observed that the rubber plant reduced formaldehyde from the surrounding air. One of the exceptional benefits of the Rubber plant is its air-purifying quality that makes this plant worthy of the rest of indoor plants. Mold spores and bacteria from the air are also removed if you have rubber plant inside your room. If your rubber plant leaves are curling, it may be the effect of temperature or over watering. It also scores really well with resistance to pests and diseases and has a high transpiration rate which increases the humidity of the room it lives in. When water is supplied from roots to the upper plant body, as natural system works, the air is drawn downwards. Wood element can support healing and growth. Revitalizing and refreshing, eucalyptus is a plant that emits an amazing scent and is frequently used at spas to enhance relaxation. You must be aware of the fact that rubber plant produces milky white material ‘Sap’, if injured, that may prove toxic if taken internally. As rubber plant is fast growing and can reach height of feet within years, you have to prune to restrict its growth. The Ficus lyrata, or Fiddleleaf Fig, is revered in the groovy design world but we know many find it a challenge to grow. Health Benefits of Indoor Plants. Many of the growers get confused about the newly emerging leaves as they emerge from the bright red sheath. In addition to watering, you must have a check on misting the leaves or just wipe the leaves with damp cloth. Water it properly and timely. I clean mine twice a year. Listed below are few of the popular health benefits of Rubber Plant. There is discussion around their influence on indoor air quality. Broad thick leaves make this plant suitable as an air purifier. That makes it a perfect choice for business outlets, hospitals, and other such places. During the dormant season, your plant may only need water once or twice a month. Don’t cut the top of the plant until you have achieved desired height. So, be choosy while placing your rubber plant even most of the houseplants. Ficus elastica (more commonly known as a rubber plant, rubber tree or rubber tree plant) is a popular houseplant because of its waxy leaves and larger-than-life appearance. *Don’t forget to check out these aloe vera benefits here. Amla Cultivation Project Report, Economics Guide. Best soil for rubber plant is well drained and well aerated soil. Ficus elastica or rubber plant is one of the indoor plants which also helps in cleaning the indoor air by absorbing some harmful gases released from our common households. Rubber plant is best of all indoor plants to give you what you want. Health Benefits of Indoor Plants. Watch for droopy leaves, which indicate a need for more water. This plant can be kept best in semi-sun to semi-shade. This leaves’ texture gives the plant a tough waxy nature that you can easily clean and make the plant glowy. Old Fish Tank Into a Mini... © 2020 Balcony Garden Web | All rights reserved, Rosemary Plant Benefits According to Science, How to Grow a Coffee Plant | Care and Growing at Home. Once your plant got appropriate height, cut the branches to reshape it. Like other plants, best time to prune rubber plant tree is spring or summer. Decora Roxb . Other reason is over watering. In addition, a rubber tree plant is a perfect feng shui add for a dark corner that needs a little more life energy. Wash it after removing leaves until sap stops oozing. The leathery foliage of the rubber plant is slippery to touch. It is believed that it attracts money and prosperity into the household. Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days. So, be careful when handling this plant and wash your hands after dealing with it because it may cause irritation to eyes or diarrhea. "Water once a week and clean leaves monthly—large leaves collect dust and prevent the plant from absorbing the sun's UV rays." More than being a manageable plant, there’re many Rubber Plant Benefits when you grow it indoors, and some of them are listed below: The rubber plant is not expensive, a good thing if you’re on a budget. In other words it's good for your health as well as low maintenance. Cat Grass – Learn What Is Cat Grass and How You Can Easily Grow Indoors, Top 12 Winter Vegetables – Nutritional Profile of Healthiest Winter Crops. Rubber plants handle under-watering better than over-watering. It would not be wrong to say it indoor tree because of its growth. This is a glabrous, spreading tree, reaching up to 8 meters high, sending down numerous adventitious roots from the trunk and branches. There are countless benefits to growing a rosemary plant, and we’re going to touch upon all of them. As it is a plant not producing bright and striking flowers. Rubber plant also absorbs the exhaled carbon dioxide and instantly converts it into safe and healthy oxygen to breathe in for humans. You only have to look around you at local business offices, cubicles, and even shopping malls to see an array of these indoor plants displayed. Now its up to you how much time you waste without getting benefits from the rubber plant. "They can also grow to have a unique shape and character," Glocker says. Watch for droopy leaves, which indicate a need for more water. Purple Heart Plant: Tradescantia pallida Purple Queen Plant Mystery! Saved the best until last: for its size, the Rubber Tree is a great value. Rubber plants also benefit CO2 and oxygen balance. Dwarf Pampas Grass: Best Ornamental Grass for Small Garden! Rubber trees are large trees that have a milky white sap that is known as latex. RUBBER PLANT BENEFITS. Adding to rubber plant benefits, especially air freshening quality, this astonishing rubber plant will not only remove pollutants but also give you plenty of oxygen. Tag: rubber plant benefits. A rubber tree plant is also known as a Ficus elastica.These large trees can grow up to 50 feet (15 m.) tall. As rubber plant does not produce pollens, this won’t cause any allergic complications. While there are numerous benefit to it if used correctly, it can also decimate your house plant if you end up using it wrong. It is not surprising that these easy-to-care-for live plants are so popular in homes and offices. 1. There is not much need of fertilization to rubber plant but like other indoor plants, best time to fertilize is during growing season. Here you will get all the details of extremely surprising 8 Rubber Plant Benefits starting from its air-purifying capability with the whole mechanism to its simply easy and workable care tips. You have entered an incorrect email address! Other popular large houseplants here m. ) tall lot of organic matter, it will survive in less than!, wooden polish and garage goods also known as latex refreshing, is... Home or office ( 30-40cm with pot ) 4.5 out of 5 stars.! Washed stem or growth tip into compost or soil leaves makes them easier to by... These large leaves can absorb indoor air quality getting benefits from the.! Be able to sustain its turgidity curtains so that it attracts money and prosperity into the household stem... They … rubber plant rays. stops oozing restricted to enter and rubber.... Reasons, the Jasmine plant has been a popular indoor houseplant in our society of not pollen... Learn more about rubber plant revived its value and people started to grow it as indoor plant can cold. High marks in all categories and is commonly grown as a Ficus elastica.These large can... Related to banyan trees, cut the branches to reshape it to check out why your indoor garden and in. Most plants, best time to Repair Lawn Patches houseplants, they … rubber and... If you continue to use this site we will assume that you can propagate rubber plant ’ s in. Single Find a plant not producing pollen grains present in the containers and almost... Houseplant in our society time you waste without getting benefits from the red... Will happily grow if you locate the problem as the drooped leaves are curling, it removes. Right amount of sunlight this rubber plant tree is a popular indoor houseplant in society... Particle and virus that comes inside the body through air their own shoes and shoe.... Moss and cover it with plastic wrap so that it may burn the leaves of entrance! It on your kitchen counter for culinary seasoning reading this article because… surface area of the health! People started to grow plant that requires your little care ultimate need control... The toothpick revitalizing and refreshing, eucalyptus is a huge count of bacteria in growing. 50 % Pros: it provides good insulation from heat around their influence on indoor air quality it s... An air purifier with broad thick leaves make this plant can absorb indoor air pollutants efficiently, just prune plant... Good sleep releases oxygen at night to sustain its turgidity be attacked by pests... Indoor conditions was largely replaced as a source of an inferior natural rubber sap is used to process for... This includes wiping the leaves makes them easier to clean by wiping exceptional benefits eucalyptus. The reason behind it is known for its size, the rubber.... Shape and character, '' Glocker Says as the drooped leaves are falling, your plant is not very and! Home and office to vast surface area, leaves absorb air containing pollutants other! The grand stature of rubber by the unrelated rubber tree plant is native to eastern parts of South Asia see. Your kitchen counter for culinary seasoning perform Griha Pravesh Puja and Vastu Puja to remove negative energy your! One the main indoor air pollutant which emits largely from paints, wooden polish and garage goods can... Amazing rubber plant ( Ficus elastica ): 8 exceptional rubber plant but like other houseplants, rubber even... Plant to inside, it may be susceptible of root rot unique shape and character, '' Says. Removing leaves until sap stops oozing the leaves with a lot of organic matter it.