Seasonality – Trail Ridge Road is … Grand Lake and Estes Park are 1 hour 39 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop. A paid pass is required to enter the National Park. There are 29.81 miles from Granby to Estes Park in northeast direction and 60 miles (96.56 kilometers) by car, following the US-34 route.. Granby and Estes Park are 2 hours 1 min far apart, if you drive non-stop .. Here there are some offers to rent a car in or near Grand Lake, CO: Compare rental car prices in Grand Lake ». Notably, U.S. 34 east is actually traveling north from Granby to Rocky Mountain National Park as it skirts the eastern shore of Lake Granby and Grand Lake. This includes the historic Grand Lake Lodge, which has stood for 100 years. Trail Ridge Road spans the Park and connects Estes Park to the town of Grand Lake … U.S. Highway 36 intersects with U.S. Highway 34 in Estes Park. Answer 1 of 5: We will be in the Park in mid September and coming in from the west side. The damage to the Grand Lake area from the East Troublesome Fire was not clear as of Thursday morning. Grand Lake for Sunday Brunch. Estes Park vs Grand Lake - posted in Colorado Trip Reports & Trail Conditions: I've enjoyed reading all of your experiences of RMNP, as I'm new to this site and have never been to the park. Do you have where to stay when you arrive to Estes Park, CO? County Road 4 (Idle Glen Road) arcs west and north from U.S. 34 at the north end of Lake Granby off Cutthroat Trout Bay. The tall peaks of the national park rise in the distance as Trail Ridge Road rises along the crest of the alpine tundra. During the route, an average car will release 36.60 pounds of CO2 to the atmosphere. There is one longer stretch of 3 lanes between Drake and Estes Park in the area of Loveland Heights. US 34 does offer several places that are 3 lanes, with the center/2nd lane available for westbound/up canyon traffic. Lake Granby, an artificial reservoir of the Colorado River, comes into view as U.S. 34 straddles the west shore north of CR 41. No photos or words could do justice to the beauty and serenity the park offers. During the winter months, U.S. 34 is only open as far as the Colorado River Headwaters Trail in the park, with occasional closures required below that point during certain bad weather conditions. Highway 34 will be closed at Sleepy Hollow Park between Estes Park and Drake. 7 Good 176 reviews Avg. Old Fall River Road is a 15 mph one-way (up) gravel road with steep switchbacks and beautiful views – a fun road adventure. Lowering to 9,238 feet above sea level, U.S. 34 makes a hair pin turn back to the east through Hidden Valley. Camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, and related activities are the main draw of Rocky Mountain National Park. U.S. 34 is known as Trail Ridge Road upon entering the park; there are almost no U.S. 34 shields anywhere in the park. This visitors center is seasonal. Over 60 peaks in the national park's 416 square miles exceed 12,000 feet in height. Either route connects to Estes Park: U.S. 34 comes into Estes Park from the northwest, while U.S. 36 enters from the southeast. Compare the weather today and the next four days in Grand Lake, CO and Estes Park, CO: Planning on renting a car to go from Grand Lake, CO to Estes Park, CO? If you're driving to Rocky Mountain National Park via Boulder or Denver, you'll want to make Estes Park your base camp. Smoke fills the sky above buildings in Estes Park on Oct. 22, 2020. US 34 through the Big Thompson Canyon between Loveland and Estes Park is now open to all traffic. But 80 percent of park visitors enter through Estes Park because of its proximity to Colorado’s Front Range. The forests, though ravaged by the pine beetle, are beginning to show signs of life. U.S. 34 turns northwest along Fall River Road to the Fall River Visitors Center. At Greeley, it passes by U.S. Highway 85 in a complex interchange and U.S. 34 Business, and crosses the South Platte River. Head to Grand Lake, a quaint old Western town surrounded on three sides by Rocky Mountain National Park.