If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Bimini to Miami, It takes 0.1 hours to arrive. Distance… In preparation for cruising the Exumas/Bahamas, we searched everywhere for specific information on what other slower cruisers did when crossing the stream and routing to the Bahamas. Florida is approximately 50 miles west of the closest islands in the Bahamas chain. By Kimberly Smith April 19, 2017. The sailing route Fort Lauderdale (Florida) - Gran Bahama (Freeport) takes 2:30 hours with the high speed ferry.. I met him at Harbortown Marina on the Dania Canal the evening before in preparation for our trip. Two islands, North Bimini and South Bimini, are located due east of Miami. The initial bearing on the course from Bahamas to Jacksonville is 325.33° and the compass direction is NW. Any suggestions? You also don't mention where in Florida you are departing from. Bimini, a chain of islands located in the westernmost district of the Bahamas, lies only 48 nautical miles east of Miami, Florida. It’s 8 a.m. on Saturday April 1 as we slip our mooring lines and make our way out of Boot Key harbor. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. The draft on my IP 37 is 4'6" and my mast height is 49'5" above water. You could go from West Palm Beach to Bahamas by boat, which will take up most of your day. But you do not mention if your boat is a sailboat or a power boat or how fast it is. This owner asked me to help him take his SeaRay 540 across the stream because he did not want to single-hand his boat. . Read along to find out why the best way to day trip from Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas is through the sky! From charter planes to ferry services, we offer options for travelers wanting an authentic Bahamas island-hopping experience. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. This is equivalent to 600 kilometers or 324 nautical miles. The flight distance from Cocoa Beach, Florida to Freeport, Bahamas is about 170 miles. Your flight direction from Tampa, FL to Nassau, Bahamas is Southeast (121 degrees from North). [Note: The distance between cities in Bahamas distance chart below is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between the two locations in Bahamas calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Bimini and Miami is 92 km= 57 miles.. The boat goes from Fort Lauderdale to the city of Freeport on Grand Bahama, one of many Bahamian islands. Find all the transport options for your trip from Florida Keys to Bahamas right here. I remember that well from planning our … The total straight line flight distance from Tampa, FL to Nassau, Bahamas is 373 miles. Midpoint: 27.70298,-79.46147. Why a large boat? In May 2012 the rules were amended as follows: If entering The Bahamas by boat, there is a flat fee to clear Customs and Immigration, which is $150.00 for boats 30 feet and under and $300.00 for boats 31 feet and over. Summary. 460.63 kms equals to 286.22 miles and 248.55 nautical miles. This covers a vessel with three persons or less. / 12 kgs. Here are some of our favorite anchorages. North Bimini and South Bimini are two of more than 700 islands, islets and coral cays located from along the South Florida … Sailing to the Florida Keys 8 hours at a time, or dayhopping, is easy along Florida’s Southwest Coast … Winterlude Anchored at Ft Jefferson, the Dry Tortugas, Florida Keys. Ferry to Bahamas: schedules and prices ¿How long is the ferry ride from Miami to the Bahamas? Final destination – Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas. 1 Day cruise, leaves Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades, rates starting at $73 plus tax per person, for details please call 954-969-0069 To travel to the Bahamas you will need a valid passport and a re-entry VISA if applicable. Find all the transport options for your trip from Miami to Bahamas right here. Distance from Tampa, FL to Nassau, Bahamas. There is one option better than all the rest and we will break down why within this article. Figuring where you should leave from, how long the trip will take, what course to steer and other details can seem overwhelming. This is equivalent to 575 kilometers or 310 nautical miles.. Flight time between Naples to Nassau can … So, at any rate. It’s tough enough for one lost man to ask for directions—tougher when four guys sail a boat to Cuba into the unknown. The geographic midpoint between Bahamas and Jacksonville is in 224.95 mi (362.02 km) distance between both points in a bearing of 325.33°. I would like to stay on Paradise island. Bahamas Air Tours offer just such a cruise to a variety of Bahamas locales. The total straight line flight distance from Sarasota, FL to Nassau, Bahamas is 357 miles.. The other issue is that often the boat ramp is busy in the late afternoon. Bahamas Crossing : From South Florida to Bimini. Only a short distance from Florida, a vacation or holiday in the Bahamas on a fully crewed sailing yacht or catamaran, power boat or motor yacht is the ultimate cruise vacation. Our journey from Ft, Lauderdale, Florida to Turks & Caicos though the Bahamas took us just over three weeks during which time we covered 600 miles at sea, enjoyed beautiful sights, wonderful diving and discovered Bahamas offered more than we had thought. Your ending point Bahamas, Nassau is located at (25.0833, -77.35) Total distance from Naples to Nassau is 460.63 kms. Not being on a schedule, we were picking our day carefully even if it meant sitting around for a bit (it always bears repeating – the worst thing you can have on a boat is a schedule). Bahamas Fast Ferry General Schedule (Subject to change) Each adult passenger is allowed one carry-on item (free of charge). Overview of the Islands. If you haven't already read our others posts about sailing to the Bahamas, do s o here--> Part I: Prepping Your Boat + Part II: Checking into the Bahamas. The distance from Florida to the Bahamas is only 313 miles, which allow you to sail on the Atlantic Ocean among these beautiful regions. It ends in Nassau, Bahamas. There are 5 rides weekly between Fort Lauderdale and Freeport (Grand Bahama). The route is run by a Spanish company that’s been doing this kind of thing in the Mediterranean for years.. Answer 1 of 5: I don't want to take a cruise. The distance from either Ft. Lauderdale or Miami is about 50 nm to Bimini - and another 60 nm to Andros Island. Maximum dimensions for a carry-on item is 22 inches x 18 inches x 10 inches (length x width x height), with a maximum weight of 26.5 lbs. The 1 Day Bahamas shuttle Boat Book online Click to Book Online. I just want transportation to the bahamas. Crossing the Gulf Stream by boat from Florida to the Bahamas takes more planning than most routes. Or, you could take a one day West Palm Beach Bahamas cruise by plane! Your trip begins in Sarasota, Florida. Bahamas travel couldn't be simpler. Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of time exploring Florida’s West Coast … from the Dry Tortugas in the Keys to Tampa Bay. Sailing Trip #1: Marathon, Florida Keys to Bimini, The Bahamas. Learn how to calculate boat travel times and distances by boat from the experts at JetDock. A tour by plane will get you to your destination in no time and leave you most of the day to play and explore. A high-speed boat from Florida to the Bahamas. We saw 6 1/2' of water at any point and just made the infamous railroad bridge (ooficial clearance 48') by just touching the very tip of the VHF antenna on my mast. Your trip begins in Tampa, Florida. Distance information is flight distance as a line. Rome2rio makes travelling from Florida Keys to Bahamas easy.